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The 2018 Mentor Support Collaborative Training was exceptional! We are so grateful for the 18 Trauma Informed Speakers from 10 organizations who made this year a huge success! More than 30 churches and organizations attended the training. All of the 2018 MSC Training Sessions were filmed and are in the final editing stage, expected to be completed by the end of October.

The MSC training sessions will be available as a training course, to be taken in sequential order. Our goal is to help create healthy, trauma informed mentors and leaders, which is why we require each participant to go through their own healing process from any past abuse or trauma before helping others through their healing journey. This also lays an important foundational understanding of the various forms of abuse and trauma, which then helps you understand and relate to complex trauma survivors without doing further harm to them.

We recommend using the Mending the Soul curriculum to help you through your healing journey. If you do not have Mending the Soul in your church or area, you can go to the MTS website and sign up to join a small group online at:

Photos from 2017 and 2018 Training sessions.