MSC Trauma Informed Care Training: Available online or purchase DVD Box Set.

Course includes 12 incredible sessions, plus free bonus sessions to help you create a safe and caring community for survivors.

All training sessions are taught by trauma informed professionals, mentors, and survivor-leaders with first hand/lived experience working with survivors, who have done their own work of healing first, which is critical before engaging in anti-trafficking efforts or working with abuse or complex trauma survivors.

We encourage all participants to complete the Mending the Soul curriculum prior to going through this training. For information how you can join a small group in your area, visit:


Rent/purchase individual videos or entire set online at Vimeo.

DVD Box Set: MSC 14 DVD Set. Twelve training sessions with 2 Bonus DVD’s. Includes all sessions below ($150).

  1. Andrea’s Story – Andrea Benson, Survivor Leader, Bridging the Gap-Oregon

    Andrea’s grew up in a Christian home, is a college graduate, and wanted to be a missionary when she grew up. Her story is typical of how girls looking for love and attention get lured into sex-trafficking. Andrea shares how she took her healing seriously with the help of a trauma informed counselor and mentors. She’s now helping other survivors and speaking publicly alongside the same law enforcement officers who rescued her. A beautiful story of rescue, restoration, and redemption.

  2. Biblical Response to Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking –  Adrienne Livingston, Director of Anti-Trafficking Initiatives at World Venture, MSC Leadership Team; Michele Lathrop, Bridging the Gap-Oregon.

    It’s vital to understand sex trafficking and other dangers our youth and young adults are facing today in order to shift the trajectory of our culture. In this training, gain an understanding of “the Game,” including terminology, youth vulnerabilities, and the tactics that traffickers use to recruit, groom, break, and maintain their victims.

  3. Collaborating with Law Enforcement – Officer Mike Gallagher, Portland Police Bureau and Co-Founder of Bridging the Gap-Oregon; Survivor-Leader Andrea Benson

    The evil of sexual exploitation and trafficking is a huge empire and takes churches, organizations, government agencies, and  law enforcement agencies working together to be effective. In this training, hear the success stories of new technology being developed to streamline the process for resources and how the sex buyer’s class is slowly changing the hearts of men who engage in purchasing sex.

  4. Effects of Pornography and Intercepting the Demand – Tom Perez, Retired Pastor and Founder of EPIK; Kelsey Owens, Operations Manager, EPIK

    We must expose the darkness and root causes of commercial sexual exploitation. Studies show that pornography is the leading core factor fueling the demand for exploitation. In this training, we’ll uncover the truth and lies of the porn narrative,  it’s direct link to trafficking. and discuss ways to encourage and engage men to disrupt the demand.

  5. Today’s Youth and Culture – Shandra Galloway, Director, House of Light Project, CRU

    In this training, learn how to work with our youth to cultivate a movement of culture change by mentoring teens and building their confidence and self worth, making them less vulnerable to being exploited.

  6. Trauma and Trauma Bonding – Sarah Probst, MA, LPC

    For anyone working in anti-trafficking efforts or one on one with survivors, it’s critical to understand complex trauma, trauma bonding, and trauma responses, and their impact on victims-- which answers the question everyone asks about sex-trafficked victims: “Why don’t they just leave?”

  7. Domestic Violence, After “The Life” – Kristin Williams MS, QMHP, CADC l

    One must  learn the challenges and barriers for survivors in order to create ways of helping them over those hurdles. Gain insight into the cycle of violence and abuse and “the life, while keeping our own biases in check and building trust and rapport with survivors.

  8. Mentoring through the Safety/Stabilization Healing Phase One – Survivor-Leader Jeri Moomaw, Founder of Innovations HTC, MSC Team

    Learn from a survivor-leader who shares valuable lived experience about the “subculture” of sex-trafficking and the challenges and barriers survivors face with so many gaps in the systems. Learn how to build trust and navigate resources, while collaborating with law enforcement and other community partners to meet the needs of survivors.

  9. Survivor Leader Panel – Robin Miller; Leanne Ishibashi; Andrea Benson; Christina Causey                  

    In this session, you’ll meet four amazing women who bravely share their story of courage and commitment through their healing journey. Learn how having a trauma informed mentor and church community as a wrap around support team has impacted their life, ultimately breaking the cycle of abuse. These ladies are now giving back as advocates and mentors to other survivors.

  10. Crisis Intervention – Rebecca Bloomfield, Bloomfield Consulting and MSC Team

    It’s critical to be trained and prepared to handle any crisis that may occur while working with complex trauma survivors, including suicide ideation. Gain an understanding of proper crisis responses, such as various grounding exercises, safety protocols, and effective tools and techniques to help survivors through triggering events, including anxiety and panic attacks.

  11. Mentoring One on One: Healing Phase Two and Three – Angela Miller, MSC Team

    Dive into mentoring survivors one on one and learn what it means to humbly mirror unconditional love and compassion, while building self esteem, community, and a support team. Recognizing regression and progression, while working together with community partners is key for mentees to  achieve goals, one step at a time.

  12. Know Your Role – Darlene Domenigoni and Angela Miller, MSC Team  

    In anti-trafficking work, it's important for people to serve in the role that best fits their gifts, strengths, and current lifestyle. This training will provide an understanding of the roles of a healthy survivor support ministry.

Extra Training and Materials:

  1. Audio: The Cost of Caring for Victims of Injustice – Pastor Christopher Coffman

    A look at how Jesus looks upon abuse, brokenness, suffering, and trauma.  Recognize and learn how to deal with vicarious trauma, develop healthy self care practices, set boundaries,  and create a healthy support team while engaging in survivor aftercare.

  2. Girl Empowerment Train the Trainer Info – Michele Lathrop, Co-Author, Girl Empowerment

    Handbook, Guide and Forms for starting a Faith Based Survivor Support Ministry available.

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Need in-person training? Live training is always powerful so we encourage it when possible. If your church or organization would like to host a training event with speakers from the Mentor Support Collaborative, please contact us for availability of sessions and speakers. An honorarium is paid to all speakers and travel expenses if outside the Portland, OR area.


Photos from the 2017 and 2018 MSC Trainings: