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Mental Health and Self Care

Mental Health Session Speaker: Sarah Probst, MA. LPC (see bio below)  

At this training, we will go deeper into learning about our incredible brain, trauma, trauma bonding, the behaviors of the sexually abused and exploited, and how to understand and relate to them using effective tools and techniques. We'll also learn about various therapy methods and how critical it is for survivors to be seeing a trauma informed counselor. 

Self Care Session Speaker: Pastor Christopher Coffman, Riverwest Church and Nicole Larson, MSW, LCSW (see bios below)

The Cost Of Caring For Victims Of Injustice:  In this session, Pastor Christopher Coffman will unpack the personal, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual costs we encounter as we walk alongside the vulnerable, exploited, and abused. Drawing from his experience as an advocate and mentor for prostituted children with Door To Grace in Portland, as well as stories he's encountered working with genocide survivors in Rwanda, Christopher will offer a biblical framework for caring for victims of injustice along with practical steps caregivers can take to avoid burnout.

Registration Cost: $30 - Includes coffee, tea, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, beverages, bottled water, materials,  survivor and speaker honorariums. 

Speaker Bio: Sarah Probst

Sarah Probst is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, Oregon who incorporates various curriculums and trauma-informed, brain-based therapies into her treatment plans to help clients see significant changes that can not be achieved through "talk-therapy" alone! Some of her favorite and most effective approaches to therapy include:

Neurofeedback, Portland State University's therapeutic approach to Foster/Adoption, Lifespan Integration, The Genesis Process for addiction recovery, Surviving the Secret for survivors of sexual trauma, Love is a Choice for codependency issues, Hold Me Tight for marriage concerns, EMDR.

Sarah uses these therapies to address PTSD, Trauma, Attachment Disorders, Foster.Adoption-related issues, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sleep Disorders, Migraines, Depression, Anxiety, and OCD.

Sarah's Education and Training includes:

Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication from Southeastern Louisiana University, a Master's Diploma (35+ Master's Hours) in Ministry & Leadership from Western Seminary, and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Multnomah University.

Post Graduate Certifications include the following: Portland State University - Certificate in Foster & Adoptive Therapies. EEG Institute - Certificate in the Othmer Method Neurofeedback Therapy. Lifespan Integration - Certificate in Level I & II post-graduate training (Peggy Pace). EMDR - Through the PESI Institute.

Speaker Bio: Christopher Coffman

Pastor Christopher and his wife Julie met while attending Mid-America Christian University in Oklahoma City. Upon graduating, he and his wife moved to Austin, Texas to plant a church a few blocks down from the UT campus. During their years, they discovered a deep-seated passion for victims of injustice. In 2008 Christopher and his family moved to Lake Oswego to serve as the Associate Pastor of Outreach at River West Church.

As a pastor, Chris is passionately committed to training leaders who love Jesus and invest their lives in His kingdom. As a leader, he has served as a board member of Door To Grace--a ministry dedicated to bringing freedom and loving families to sexually trafficked children in Portland.  Christopher has also served with Mending The Soul, a ministry dedicated to caring for and creating resources for trauma and abuse survivors locally and globally. 

Speaker Bio: Nicole Larson

Nicole Larson is first and foremost a lover and follower of Jesus. She is a wife to her wonderful husband and mom to her two precious kids, a daughter and son, ages 9 and 6.  
Nicole is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and got her Masters of Social Work degree (MSW) from the University of Southern California.
While in LA, Nicole was a psychiatric social worker at a high school and elementary school in SE LA working with kids and their families.  She then worked as an advocacy director at a coalition of nonprofits working to support the homeless and hungry.  
Nicole moved to Portland in 2005 and then worked for years as a counselor and case manager for homeless youth.  She has also worked with sexual trafficking survivors (girls, women, men, and transgender individuals) and has trained on trauma and abuse both  locally and abroad.  Nicole is currently the Director of Counseling and Care at River West Church where she has served for several years.  Nicole is also studying at Western Seminary and she is passionate about caring for people holistically and equipping churches in how to walk alongside hurting people.