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Girl Empowerment Training

Girl Empowerment Train the Trainer

Are you a youth leader of middle and high school girls? Are you concerned with them staying safe, knowing their boundaries, and experiencing healthy relationships? Then this curriculum is for you!

 The Girl Empowerment Curriculum helps youth leaders address underlying issues that impact girls and make them vulnerable to the lures of traffickers.

 The instruction is interactive and focuses on teaching about the issues of trafficking and exploitation, grooming and recruiting tactics, establishing personal boundaries as well as characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, how to maintain boundaries and be aware of boundary intrusions, listening to their intuition, safety planning and practicing basic self-defense strikes and escapes.

 Parents and overseers will be educated about the issue and girls will increase their understanding of what sex trafficking looks like, what to do, increase self-confidence, define and defend their personal boundaries, and identify abusive or unhealthy relationship patterns.


Each module is 90 minutes and topics, including self-defense, are:

Module 1.         Overview of issue for parents

Module 2.         Identity and Self-esteem, Grounding and Breathing

Module 3.         Personal Boundaries, Hand Strikes

Module 4.         Intuition, Kicks

Module 5.         Boundary Intrusions, Wrist Grab Escapes

Module 6.         Trafficker Tactics, Body Grab Escapes

Module 7.          Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship Characteristics, Choke Hold Escapes

Module 8.         Safety Planning and Safe People, Ground Escapes

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